What is an error fare?

An error fare is actually self-explanatory, it is a fare where a glitch happened. This glitch could have been caused by human failure or technical issues. The system which airlines are working with is so complex that errors can happen anytime unexpectedly. The error fare is then turning up online significantly lower than the normal price. Because of that, for example First Class flights which cost normally around 5,000$ are available for 500$ because someone forgot to type in another zero. 

Once you find an error fare where the date and flight route is suitable for your travel plans then you need to be fast and book it. If an error fare occurs it's always a matter of time until they disappear. Never call or write the airline to ask about this price because then they get aware of that mistake and correcting the price and maybe cancel bookings which has been made until that time. 


If you booked an error fare then wait until you do further arrangements on your travel. You should wait approximately 72 hours because there is still the possibility that the airline is not honoring your ticket. In the case that the airline is cancelling your ticket they will refund the whole fare back to your used payment type. I would recommend to use a credit card because here the transactions are happening faster whether for the payment of the ticket or in case of cancellation for the refund. 

To find an error fare is already like you win in the lottery but if the date of travel, the right departure airport and the airline is honoring your fare then you feel like hitting the jackpot. Unfortunately error fares are happening randomly, some of them are available only on certain dates while others are available over a few weeks and the departure airport is in most of the cases somewhere else. Here would be good to check on some connecting flights to get to the right airport, but this is the step after you error fare got honored and is confirmed. 



You don't only find error fares in aviation, they are also possible in hotel industry. I remember in 2018 where an Aloft hotel in Boston was selling rooms for 2€ per night. 



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