One Night Trip: Palma de Mallorca

Route: MAN - PMI - MAN // Airline: Thomas Cook // Economy Class

While I used to live in Manchester I spend a lot of time on the airplane for short trips. Once I booked a one-night vacay to Palma de Mallorca. Thomas Cook used to fly there non-stop from Manchester a few times a day. For my flight to Mallorca I chose the flight which left Manchester at 6AM and my return flight left Mallorca the following day at 10AM so I was able to arrive before 1PM for the team meeting at my workplace in Manchester. 

The moment I booked my flights were supposed to get operated by a Boeing 757 which is a narrow body aircraft. For my surprise a Boeing 767 was waiting at the gate to take me to the sunny island. A Boeing 767 is much bigger and comes in a 2-4-2 configuration. This airplane had only an Economy Class cabin so there was no possibility to ask for an upgrade. 

After an on-time arrival in Palma de Mallorca I took public transportation to get to the hotel. It was the first time I used Expedia to book my accommodation. My hotel was called JS Palma Stay located in Can Pastilla near the airport. The hotel got a nice benefit! No children. For a single traveller definitely a great choice. The hotel was renovated in 2013, for this it looks really modern. It has several pools and bars. I booked a normal room because I didn't know what I can expect form the hotel because I usually book brand hotels like Hilton, Marriott or Radisson. At the end I got a nice room with small terrace facing the pools and I was even able to see the Mediterranean Sea. 

After checking in the hotel and getting settled in the room I took again the public transport to get inside Palma de Mallorca for some sightseeing. The city is really beautiful and easy to walk around. After I spent there a few hours I went back to the hotel to spend some time relaxing at the pool. There I got a small sunburn so I needed some rest in my room. After dinner I went to a beach nearby for some swimming. back in the hotel I finished my day at the bar enjoying a drink. 

Next morning I had breakfast in the hotel. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures but I remember the buffet really big and not to crowded. Actually I wanted spend more time at the pool but I decided to be a bit earlier at the airport to make sure I have no trouble getting my flight because I didn't know how busy it will be. At the end all went smooth. Again I got surprised with a Boeing 767 instead of a scheduled smaller Boeing 757. For me as an aviation nerd of course a feeling of pure happiness. On this flight I even got two seats at the window thanks to the friendly cabin crew which reseated me because the noticed I was to big for the seat I previously got. That flight was almost full. 

This travel showed me again that I love short trips a lot. Its exciting to have a spontaneous break out of the normal life. I really enjoyed this little trip to Palma de Mallorca and I will do it again one day. I even would choose the same hotel because it had a good price and quiet location, it is renovated, great opportunities to relax and for adults only. 


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