My Number One Hotel Worldwide

A lot of people got their own dream hotel where they wish to stay or it is a favorite hotel which always inspires and is something very special from stay to stay. For most people it is probably a hotel at the beach in Bali or the Maldives or in Paris near the Eiffel Tower (yes, I want to go there too) but for me it's a hotel that is located at an airport. The airport of Los Angeles, California.


My number one hotel is the Marriott Los Angeles Airport with its 1004 rooms. My first time in this hotel I spent two stays at the beginning and at the end of a bus tour through the western USA in 2010. I had a third stay in 2015, I stayed here because I really liked this hotel. During this stay I was even more impressed with the hotel than before.

Marriott Los Angeles Airport

Why the Marriott LAX? What makes this hotel so special to me?

This article is not intended to be a review because this will follow in a very detailed format as soon as I visit the hotel again. I just wanted to write an article that shows that someone's dream destination is not always right at the beach, offers a lot of luxury, gold or the room has to be equipped with a jacuzzi. Of course, these are all great benefits, but they are rather unimportant for me. I like hotels that are mainly designed for business travelers. The subject of business traveling has always been very interesting to me.


As above mentioned, I went to the Marriott Los Angeles Airport already in February 2010 for two stays. At that time, my passion for hotels flared up and my desire to work in the hotel industry was born. So from 2012 to 2015 I did my apprenticeship as a hotel industry expert where also my travels during that time took on new dimensions. To experience and knowing the reception from both sides is exciting and you bring more understanding and empathy on each side. In August 2015 I completed my training in the hotel industry and for my planned trip to LA in November it was clear: I really want to stay at the Marriott LAX. Back to the place where my passion for travel and the hotel industry was born. When I checked in at the Marriott LAX in 2015, it was something beautiful and special. I remember when the receptionist asked me at check-in if I would like to book lounge access for $30 and so I did. So it was the first time I came to a hotel lounge. I didn't know at this time that I would be working for a hotel with a business class lounge at Manchester Airport in England two months later. Having access to the lounge gave me a special feeling and made the stay even more special. A feeling of happiness that I passed on to my guests in my further career in the hotel industry. In my opinion, this only works if you are really passionate about it.


This stay in 2015 was only a short one night stay but I still remember it very well. This hotel made me feel at home. The proximity to the airport, which also has a particularly high volume of flights (under normal circumstances), the rotation of guests who check in and out every day is very high, so there is always a lot going on in the hotel. If you want to meet here for a business meeting, there are good opportunities thanks to the lounge or M&E rooms, even a FedEx shop is located in the hotel and this offers a high level of flexibility. I just loved this hotel and can't wait to stay there again. The fact that you always have the opportunity to follow the airport life is really exciting and relaxing for me. Simply Vacation!

What did the Marriott LAX offer?

The rooms at the Marriott LAX had this typical beige and burgundy color scheme of Marriott. Even then, the rooms offered a lot of space. In the bathroom there was a bathtub with a shower curtain. I found the windows that went from floor to ceiling really nice. The rooms looked dated but they made me feel warm and welcome.

A King Bed Room in old design of the Marriott LAX
A King Bed Room in old design of the Marriott LAX

The view from my room was either to the pool or on the left and right side you could follow the air traffic from the airport, which is particularly valuable for me because aviation is my greatest passion and I could spend the whole day spotting airplanes.

View over the pool area of the Marriott Los Angeles Airport
View from the Marriott LAX over the airport

The new Marriott LAX - completely renovated and with a great design

The Marriott Los Angeles Airport was been completely renovated for 50 Million US Dollar. All 1004 rooms have been given a new room concept. Better, more modern and bright. Open again since September 2019 and modernized in all areas, an extended meeting & event area and the hotel comes with a 371 square meter M Club Lounge. The facade of the hotel, which was previously a faded beige, now shines on West Century Boulevard in a bright and fresh design and a revised Marriott logo.

Das newly renovated Marriott Los Angeles Airport
Source: Marriott International - Marriott Los Angeles Airport

The rooms don't look at all like the previous design. The design is very light, but the bathroom was kept rather dark.

The newly renovated King Guest Room of the Marriott LAX
Source: Marriott International - Marriott Los Angeles Airport
The newly renovated bathroom of a King Guest Room of the Marriott LAX
Source: Marriott International - Marriott Los Angeles Airport

The lobby, which even has a Starbucks in it, now looks more like a very stylish lounge. (Left picture) The M Club Lounge ( right picture ) with its 371 square meters now offers a bar and is open 24/7. The lounge offers a great view over the runways of the LAX airport. I'm really looking forward to my next stay here. Due to the current situation with the Covid-19, it is unfortunately still unknown when a tourist can enter the USA and stay without any restrictions.

The lobby and reception of the Marriott LAX shines in new splendor
Source: Marriott International - Marriott Los Angeles Airport
The newly renovated Executive Lounge at the Marriott LAX overlooks Los Angeles Airport
Source: Marriott International - Marriott Los Angeles Airport

The Area

Very interesting for me and why this hotel tops my personal hotel list is the location of the hotel. Since the Marriott LAX is near the runway of Los Angeles Airport, you can watch the planes land from almost every room on the upper floors. The take-off are mainly towards the Pacific. There is also a shuttle from the hotel to the terminals at short intervals so that you always have the chance to go to the airport and spot airplanes. In addition, there is a popular spot at the airport for Instagramers and aviation fans to take photos of airplanes. A fast food restaurant called In´n´out. While you can enjoy really tasty burgers, planes pass overhead under normal circumstances every few minutes. I already know the restaurant chain in San Francisco and Las Vegas, but unfortunately I have never been able to test the restaurant at LAX Airport.

Marriott LAX Area

Another point that is important to me is the proximity to the beach. This beach is of course not just around the corner but is within a reasonable distance. Manhattan Beach is just 15-20 minutes away from the hotel by car / taxi. The very well-known and popular Santa Monica Pier is about 20 minutes away by car. In Los Angeles, of course, it always depends on the traffic. There is also the possibility to drive from the hotel to Santa Monica by public transport. The number 3 bus leaves just behind the hotel and stops a couple minutes from the Santa Monica Pier. The journey by bus takes around 42 minutes, which I think is still okay.

Santa Monica Pier
A famous photo opportunity - The entrance to the Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica Pier with its attractions
The attractions on the Santa Monica Pier are very popular with locals and tourists.

Marriott LAX Area - Manhattan Beach and Santa Monica

Other interesting places in Los Angeles are not that far away either. Depending on the traffic, it is between 25 and 40 minutes to Downtown LA and between 28 and 45 minutes to the Universal Studios. But always keep in mind the traffic in LA can be heavy.

The Manhattan Beach Pier
The Manhattan Beach Pier

Now you got an insight of my absolute favorite destination when it comes to hotels. For me, it doesn't have to be a luxury hotel to experience a great stay. For me, a good mix of a location between the airport and beautiful places is very important. In addition to sightseeing and relaxing on the beach, I want to spend a lot of time watching airplanes taking-off and land. I think the new design of the Marriott LAX is incredibly beautiful. The architects and the design management of Marriott International did a really good job here. I'm really looking forward to the new rooms and the new lounge.







However, when a next stay will be possible is still unclear. The US is keeping its borders closed and in my mind I close the chapter of flights abroad for this year. However, I will try to stay here for several nights as soon as possible in order to experience and enjoy to the fullest the "New Marriott LAX".


I hope you enjoyed the article and If you want leave a comment below which hotel is your favorite and why. I am always happy to hear the experiences of others.

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