Lufthansa Group reactivates further routes to United Kingdom and Ireland

Lufthansa has announced this week the new flight schedule for June which includes more flights to London Heathrow and is resuming connections to Manchester, Dublin, Birmingham and Edinburgh starting at the beginning of June. 

With the new schedule for the upcoming month the Lufthansa Group is connecting again 106 European, 20 long-haul destinations and is operating around 1.800 flights a week.


  • Frankfurt to Manchester (6 flights weekly)
  • Frankfurt to Dublin (5 flights weekly)


  • Zurich / Geneva to Dublin (2 flights weekly)
  • Connection to London Heathrow from Zurich / Geneva is getting increased (11 flights weekly)


  • Dusseldorf to Manchester (3 flights weekly)
  • Dusseldorf to Birmingham (3 flights weekly)
  • Dusseldorf to Dublin (2 flights weekly)
  • Cologne to Edinburgh (2 flights weekly)
  • Hamburg to London Heathrow (4 flights weekly)
  • Stuttgart to London Heathrow (4 flights weekly)


If you have any questions about the new June schedule of the Lufthansa Group then please leave a comment or use the contact form at the Concierge Desk!


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